Being Free with Your Awakening and Change


Are you seeking to be awakened? Have you worked hard, and you have accomplished the tasks at hand, and you know there is something more? Maybe you are even one of those people that have been able to share their experience and help other people find their real purpose.

We live in a world where people are limited and held back by life, but we all want and have the same purpose of wanting to be free of things that hold us back or confuse us. We want to have love and to seek out truth and reality, to accomplish more and more.

Nature and Life

We have all struggled and fight with things that limit us. Many of us have fought with our own ego in a way that causes us to have beliefs that lack understanding.

These beliefs have often caused us to miss out on things that are good for us and cause us to be separated which can lead to fear and to suffering. These beliefs have caused many to not see the world for what it truly is.

When we do not know what is going on and we do not understand who we are or the real reality, we often miss out on goodness. We become full of illusions because of the fall of man, and we see that we are in some kind of bondage.

The truth is that humanity is free, and we have been living in a place in our heart and mind that has caused us to miss out on this freedom. We have created a false manifestation in the world, and we have been confused in our minds.

Those that work hard are able to see that change is coming and that we can look at the humanity of who we are and see that we can be awakened and changed.

What is Transformation?

Transformation is leaving the world of thoughtlessness and beginning to think positively. To awaken our mind and to get out of our period of sleeping. We must remember that there is a new world, and that the old world is behind us.

There will be times when things are hard and when there is confusion and things seem like they will never get better, but these are the times that we can change and become awakened. When we choose the right path in life, we can awaken ourselves and we can change into who we are meant to be. We can see reality for what it is and see that we are enough.

There will be people that do not ever find this, and the truth is that they too will return home at some point but that the journey that they are taking will not be nearly as exciting as those that are awakened to new thoughts and into wisdom.

Remember your real nature in life and remember that following your ego will get you nowhere but following light and wisdom is the way to bring hope and change into this world.

Ignorance to Awakening

We all start by being ignorant and we follow darkness. We limit ourselves and allow the world to enslave us and follow evil things. We find that being ugly to others and being selfish is something we have often done, but there can be a change.

Once we see we need this change we can follow the light with wisdom while we see that we are really free from bad things. We can see the real beauty in life and that we can help others and live in victory.

As we live our life on earth, we will experience different paths and different lives. As we evolve and incarnate, we will see that our soul will continue to grow. Even if we face struggles and challenges now, there are better things coming and we can master life.

Our Purpose

We can reach our real purpose. We can become created in a masterful way where we can see our own reality in freedom and to face life without being afraid.

As our real life opens up, we will see that we are part of reality and that we have life and love that is always unconditional and part of everything that we are.