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Awakening Your Goal

Energetically and sincerely clear the cobwebs during spring. It is definitely a period of restoration and revolution. Spring is completely the best period to manifest our fantasies. During spring we all experience the same feeling just like the earth underneath us when it awakens and comes into existence. We always desire to see our thoughts become a reality and crave that our existence is just the same as our dreams.

How therefore can we rise to our fullest potential? How do we awaken what our fantasies are made of? Our professions, existence, and relationships?

It’s basically simple, just through the signs.

I strategically came up with manifestations that worked in my own life. It’s all about how I became successful in business from working for the government to now being able to handle my own business. It’s the manner by which I got my dream marriage got blessed with two amazing kids after an on and off relationship. This is also just the same advice I give to my clients to help them change their lives to what they desire.

To sum it all my strategy works. Not only for the tiny things but also for the huge, imperative and reliably things as well. The following steps can help you manifest your wishes as we invite spring and open an incredible likelihood of our existence, hearts, and professions.

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  1. Be clear

We need to have a clear vision of what we want for them to be able to manifest themselves. You shouldn’t ask yourself whether you’re on the right track before knowing where you need to go. Our interests in what we need be it a relationship or a job should be delved in. You should be able to ask a lot of questions on how those particular things make you feel. Your mind should be able to picture your desires and help you decide on what you need to do.

  1. Micro and Macro

Our problem when manifesting is that we think BIG and only big. You shouldn’t manifest about big things only lest you fail. Always manifest within your possibility first and way of living. It takes a lot of work, like me I used to earn less than 10k per year and looking to manifest 120k was always my ambition. I, however, failed at consequently doing this because I thought it wasn’t possible. But since it requires hard work I had to strive on until it becomes a habit.

I, therefore, decided to place my ambition at 120k and things started changing. I just started by asking myself what I did to do achieve this goal. It reaches a point where I could make this 120k by just following the steps I had broken down and the end result was just amazing.

It is important to have both large and your small goals with you. When you make something impossible possible, you will always be on the right track towards achieving your goals.

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  1. Out of many, one

Real manifestations are a joint combination of beliefs, thoughts, and emotions.

It is our beliefs that form our thoughts then catalyze how we feel then lead to how we react. Unavailability of one always leads to unavailability of the other. We should, therefore, inquire about what we believe in within ourselves.

The little strategies we place through manifestations will make us experience the change we need. Though it is not an easy journey the little energy we portray makes us achieve our goals and this strategy will change your mind for the better.

We are reminded of the full potential that resides within us just like the earth around us usually come into existence. We all have a reason to live a happy life.

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