Are You an Earth Angel? Find Out!

Earth Angel

Earth angels are people that are able to look at your mental or emotional state and they want to help you. They are put on the Earth to bring peace and hope to those that live here. There are around 7 billion people on the earth and not very many of them are Earth Angels.

What makes a person an Earth Angel? Would you even know if you were around someone that was one? They are people that are here to help those that need help, and they have special traits. Find out if you are or you know an Earth Angel with this guide.

Traits of an Earth Angel

Here are some traits of an Earth Angel:

  • They know things: Thee are people that know things without someone telling them. They have feelings and they are normally right. These include empaths and Earth Angels.
  • Earth angels get overwhelmed easily. They have a hard time being around a big group.
  • They take on the emotions of others. When they walk into a room, they will feel a variety of emotions because they are picking up others emotions.
  • They don’t watch violence on television because it makes them ill and makes them sad.
  • They know when someone is telling them the truth or when they are lying. They have a hard time in relationships because they know when they are loved.
  • They pick up physical symptoms that other people have. If someone is sick, they might feel that sickness in their body.
  • They have back and digestive problems because they have strong emotions. They are often ungrounded and have stomach problems because of stress.
  • They take care of those that cannot care for themselves, or someone being picked on.
  • They have strangers that tell them their problems because they are able to help others.
  • They are tired a lot because they are always carrying the emotions that other people have.
  • Earth Angels are often addicted because they have to figure out how to get out of the pain that they are always feeling.
  • They want to see people healed and they are drawn to ways of healing and to supernatural things.
  • Earth Angels are creative, and they are able to dance, draw, act or sing.
  • They love animals and they love nature. They love to be outside, and animals are attracted to them.
    They need to be alone sometimes and to have times of quiet.
  • They get bored easily.
  • They don’t like to do things that aren’t fun for them because it causes them to have to give up what they like.
  • Earth Angels want to have people tell them the truth and they seek the truth.
  • They look to learn new things and they like to take classes.
  • They enjoy travelling and be adventurous. They like to try new things.
  • They feel that they are weighted down with negative energy.
  • Earth Angels daydream often because they are lost in their own world.
  • They want to be in routines and be in control of their own life. They like to be free but also not to be free.
  • They overeat so that they can find a way to get rid of negativity.
  • They listen to anyone and are often empaths. They will help others and people trust them with their lives.
  • They are intolerant to narcissistic behaviors. They have a hard time being around aggressive people and those that only love themselves.
  • They feel each day of the week. They are energetic on the weekends and the weekdays can cause them to feel stress and heavy.
  • Earth Angels don’t like to have antiques because they have too much power and history on them.
  • They eat foods that give them energy and they sense the energy of foods.
  • They seem moody but they aren’t and even when they aren’t sociable it’s because they are quiet due to what they are feeling.
  • They don’t receive good well because they want others to have good things.
  • They feel guilty because they don’t feel that they are worth anything. They have low self-esteem.
  • Earth Angels make people happy, and people feel excited around them. Even if they are drained, they give others energy.
  • They have a hard time telling people no and they need to set boundaries.