Activating Your Money Chakra

Activating Your Money Chakra

The higher your energy level, the more effectively that the issues and problems in your life will be solved. This includes those in the financial realm. One way to effectively increase your personal energy potential is to harmonize the main energy centers, otherwise known as chakras. Below, we share how to best activate abundant energy by tuning into the money chakra.

Money and Chakras

Most are aware that there are seven main chakras and all are actually money chakras. When the chakras are properly attuned with the right vibrations, they attract positive things, like money. The chakras that you need to work with to improve your financial situation is dependent upon what the difficulty is and the questions relate to about the money. Below is a detailed description of each chakra and what areas are covered.

Root Chakra

The root chakra as a money chakra should be the focus if you:

  • Feel like the scarcity of things cannot be escaped
  • Feel unable to deal with the challenges of life
  • Feel the fear of needing to survive after or near a loss of money, housing, income flow, or stability
  • Feel attached to material things
  • Do not feel support in life or specific situations
  • Are a dreamer who never actually accomplishes things
  • Want financial stability

People with financial difficulties should start with work on chakra balancing with the root chakra as a focus. This chakra is mostly responsible for life energy, survival issues, and procreation, but also helps find stability and support. To tune into the root money chakra, start by developing self-discipline, follow through with commitments, and keep your promises. This will give you strength and coping abilities.

Sacral Chakra

If money for you relates to any of the following questions, focus work on the sacral chakra.

  • Self-realization
  • Enjoying the ability to make money
  • Distinguishing what you really like
  • Having an abundance mindset
  • Enjoying life in general, not just around money

The energy of this particular chakra is feeling and emotion directed. As you make decisions based on emotions, you need to take appropriate action. If you deeply feel that you have value and are connected to the higher self and can afford what you want then you can perform actions that are harmonious to making money. To tune into this chakra, start simple. Try deep belly breathing, free dancing, relaxation, and related exercises.

Solar Plexus Chakra

The solar plexus chakra is responsible for realization in society for you personally. Consider working with this chakra if your finances require improvement. Especially if you want to:

  • Doubt the way you present yourself and influence people
  • Suffer from self-doubt or low self-esteem
  • Feel trapped by the way others think about you
  • Continually recall past mistakes and choices
  • Fear conflict and competition
  • Feel weak in comparison to others

The solar plexus chakra is the personal power center. It is responsible for charisma and the ability to express yourself in useful ways. This is the chakra that gives us the power to influence others and earn money to reach success. To tune this chakra the easiest way is to relax the solar plexus so blocks can be removed. Try abdominal breathing and visualize internal sunlight. When you act, do so with high intention. Consciously choose to act for the good of others while using your personal power.

Heart Chakra

Consider working with the heart chakra is you:

  • Struggle to ask for money after a job is complete
  • Feel you cannot move up further at your job
  • Are stuck in a prison of past disappointments and unable to move forward
  • Tend to be pessimistic or without enthusiasm
  • Do not know your own truth, but follow the expectations of parents or society

Throat Chakra

Work on the throat money chakra if you find yourself:

  • In a creative job
  • In need of solving professional tasks in a creative manner
  • Tense when you need to prove yourself
  • Struggling to communicate or negotiate
  • Wanting to influence others through public speaking
  • Wanting to make your own choices in your life path

This level of the throat chakra is the area the personality is created. This is where creativity and self-realization are held, but also where career and money making can be aided. To manifest energy through the throat chakra, use your voice to sing, read out loud, speak, and express thoughts. Be the author of your life.

Third Eye Chakra

Focus on the third eye chakra if you are unable to:

  • Access your intuition
  • Get a vision of the future
  • Are unable to foresee consequences
  • Use good intuition

To attract money with this chakra, develop the intuitive abilities and learn to keep feelings balanced while using logic.

Crown Chakra

Consider the crown chakra if you find it important to:

  • Link the decisions and actions you make in the financial realm
  • See manifestations of deeper processes in the material world.

This chakra connects the cosmos and spirituality and all meditation and spiritual practices are helpful in opening it.


When attuning yourself with abundant energy, remember that balance is only half the battle. You must then realize the balance and energy in actions each day as you move forward.