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You may notice that currently there’s a lot of Psychic Reading sites online, and you will see a bunch of weekend flea markets anywhere that always have a Psychic in residence. Different psychics like Clairvoyants, Mediums or Psychic Mediums are selling their services, but how will you know which one is real and which is not?

We often have Psychic Fairs in our hometown, and I have attended them most of the times. The reason behind it is because I want to buy some Tarot Cards or pick out a piece of Crystal that attracts me. While wanering around, there’s a lot of different Readings everywhere, from Tarot Cards and Runes, to spooky Psychic Drawings which will show you a picture of someone related to you like your great great grandfather. They all look so genuine.

I’d like to say that most of them really believe that they have real psychic abilities. Will someone enter the field of psychic reading without having some kind of Psychic experience? Maybe they think they can just shuffle the Cards or speak to great aunt Elsie. The main question is, how do we know which one to choose among them?

Psychology, Suggestion, Manipulation

I have been reading Tarot Cards since I was a teenager and I’ve been seeing different Psychic happenings which made me really interested in getting the answers as to why and how these things happened. This experience gave me the initiative to help people by reading the Tarot Cards.

I am definitely aware that a lot of Psychic Readings are not just being able to ‘see’ what the person is like, read how they react, and be aware of the fact that they actually want to believe you because they are paying you and for entertainment. This makes it easy for the psychic to easily manipulate and get information from the client since you are very open to suggestion. Afterwards, they may be thinkgin that the Psychic is the one who gave the information.
Signs of Fraud
Psychic frauds do exist. As do other types of fraud. And the problem is in recognizing which clairvoyants, tarot readers, astrologers etc are genuine practitioners of their art and which are, well -fraudulent.
Fraud is ugly, heartless and horrible—especially Psychic Fraud. These varieties of frauds exploit people in emotional, mental and/or physical turmoil. The typical victim lacked research, patience and knowledge. The decision was made without careful thought, either on a friend’s urge or advertisement.

Finding a good Psychic can take time. It’ll take a few attempts, with many pitfalls, but you’ll find one eventually. Avoiding fraud should be your first priority.
Signs of Fraud
High Prices
The obvious sign of a (possible) fraud are high prices. Typically, the basic price is cheap, but they'll continually ask for more money. The fraud will provide small readings to give you a taste, then increase prices for more information or services.
Every fraud has a hook or lure that attracts victims. For an example, an advertisement for true love, cures for sicknesses or so forth. These type of customers are emotionally vulnerable, which makes it easy to prey on them.
In recent years, a popular ploy was to warn a person of impending danger or a curse.
A fraud will try to emphasis status, authority or experience. They want to seem powerful and trustworthy. The more solid a fraud can appear, the greater chance of hooking and keeping victims. An excellent example are titles such as “Lord” or “Lady.” These are Pagan titles of respect, knowledge and authority. The title is awarded to coven leaders, advocates and so forth. These people are deeply devoted to their communities, which makes those title ideal for a fraud to use.
A fraud can also emphasis experience and capability. An indicator of fraud are Ads that claim outrageous things—such as curing illness, leading you to true love or providing good fortune. Another indicator are ads that claim a Psychic has been reading for ___ years. (Typically more than a decade.)
An obvious indicator is claiming to never be wrong. Being right feels great, but you’ll never be right all the time. Psychics aren’t an exception to that rule.
Being challenged or questioned is discouraged/disliked. It curbs the illusion of status, authority and/or experience.

Lack of Paranormal Activity
Strange activity is an integrated part of psychic life. The people around them will get caught in it, at one point or another.
A true fraud will never display anything strange/unexplainable or out of the ordinary. An extended exposure to them won’t help either. There will never be visions, objects disappearing or lights flickering.
A fraud can seem to mimic psi occurrences through cold reading.
Ask questions, press for more detailed information. Don’t be talkative. These are just a few things you can do to prevent these techniques.
Too Much Information
A fraud will try to draw more information out of you, starting readings on what you give them. While seemingly harmless, giving them information like birth date or your name can reveal a lot about you.
Astrology, Numerology and others like it can help frauds fake a reading. While considered entertainment, it can actually be pretty accurate coupled with psychology (in most cases).
A fraud can exploit the common misconceptions (beliefs, views and opinions) of the paranormal. There are many people that dislike reading up on it, for one reason or another. Being ignorant helps frauds draw in victims.
If a person dresses like something out of a Hollywood Mideval flick, or a Pagan cut-out, then that person is probably a fraud.
Beware of Hollywood cutouts. Psychics are Psychics—not side-show freaks or Hollywood mold-makers.
There are many goodhearted and genuine Psychics. These people tend to congregate on forums, specialized social networks and even meet-up groups! They offer readings for practice, help and exercise. Believe it or not, a good reading doesn't have to cost money or much money at all!
The concept of exchanging money for information is an old practice, but many Psychics are uncomfortable with it. For many, a genuine ability should be used for good, humanitarian things, not for personal gain or comfort. There are people that exchange money, but a good many still tread carefully or avoid it completely.
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Even if you’re a mile away, a real genuine psychic will always stand out as long as you know the qualities of a real psychic. They focus and concentrate more on the Tarot Cards or other psychic tools that they are using. Some actually doesn’t need to look at the subject instead they concentrate more on the reading. While listening you will notice they talk about things that are actually going on with your life, some illnesses, etc that you can prove yourself. They may also surprise you by bringing out something that really happened in your past. One thing that is very important to know with a real psychic is that they will admit their mistake if some reading is wrong.
If a participant disagrees with a future reading, instead of changing the reading to correct their mistake, the Reader will tell you ‘well this is what I can see’ or something like this. Whether you believe it or not, they will tell you what they see and doesn’t care if it sounds a bit strange to you.
Some Psychics may give you a written or taped text of the reading. They are not afraid that you will come back claiming that the readings didn’t come true because they believe in their abilities. The clients will be able to prove their readings in the future and even if the reading turns out to be wrong, they will still appreciate the fact that they Psychic did their best and didn't try to just make something out of the reading.

The Real McCoy Psychics

What to do When You Are on a Reading

It is difficult, maybe impossible, to explain in written form all the ruses available to the psychic. However there are certain guidelines that can be followed that will help weed out the more obvious ploys. The following is a list of suggestions which will help you assess the effectiveness of your reading and decide if it was value for money.
Make sure that you are comfortably seated, do not do anything that will let the Psychic read you. Simple gestures or movement may give them signals to read you. It is very easy to pick up body language. And when they have given a fact that is completely right, simply nod and say yes or no to confirm that you got what they want to say or mean. Through this, you will be able to determine which is genuine and which is fraud. All con artists use this ploy. You will absolutely puzzle them by keeping yourself still and with a few or best to have a blank expression, and never ever provide information that will feed them to work on.
Don't offer information. They are supposed to be telling not asking. Nevertheless they will ask a surprising number of questions if they can get away with it. People want a successful reading and therefore don't want to be seen as being unhelpful and blocking the psychics supposed power, so they go along with the questions in the spirit of co-operation. The ever helpful customer acknowledges even semi-correct statements immediately, when if they had waited they might have found that the psychic, not getting the required response covered their options with a suitable get out. Hereafter, you will see their true colors.
Do not forget the most important thing is to keep your mind open.
I have been in the psychic world for ages. Whenever I get it wrong, I accept it positively. Also, I always tell them before I start that I read with a pinch of Psychology as this will help them with their problems. Sometimes they ask where I got the information; I just tell them that I have no idea and I am just getting it from my guide.
I am thankful to my abilities that my clients keep coming back. They always tell me that honesty between the psychic and the client is really important. Since I always tell them the truth about my powers, they have trusted me the way I trusted them too.
Do not take the readings too serious like it will hold you off from doing other things to make things happen. Nobody can really tell the future, it is always us and our free will who makes it. We are just here to guide you on making the best choice.
All the best!
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