Sunday , August 11 2019
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Are You Dragging Yourself To Be Poorer?

    You are most likely speaking silently to yourself every time you are not speaking out loud to another person or reading someone else’s words. Now, This type of “self-talk” goes on all day long, usually as unmonitored chatter. If you start paying attention to your inner commentary, you might find …

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Does Happiness Have A Price Tag?

  Can money buy you happiness? A lot of people says “No” but what we do not know is that how we use our money can have a dramatic impact on our happiness. There is a captivating quote in William Somerset Maugham’s novel “Of Human Bondage” , a novel, widely admired …

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What Is The Value Of Splurging?

              It is never too easy to save and value money especially if it kept on coming or you are quite sad. If you are anything like most people, you have to keep careful track of your personal budget, accounting for each dollar (or …

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Attract More Money Than Usual

         If you search “attracting wealth” online… you will get back in no less than a million hits. Unfortunately, most of those results claimed knowledge of the secret to attracting wealth and the willingness to reveal it to you…for a small fee. Of course, one can’t dismiss …

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Be Financially Stable

     A lot of us says money isn’t important but little did we realize that finances can make or break even the strongest of relationships. Crunched budgets created from rising prices and stagnant wages can extract a heavy toll on couples that are struggling to make ends meet. If you …

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